Potential House Rule

Player Characters are effin’ addicted to healing potions.

In part because my present group doesn’t have a dedicated healer (their druid prefers to mix it up in melee while shaped like a carnivorous mammal), they drink 1 potion per encounter (any additional risk potion miscibility).


I think we probably need healing surges back, especially given that in the latest packet, short resting takes so long!

I’m considering a house rule: healing potions restore 1 hit die to you and allow you to spend as many hit dice as you’d like. They still cost 50gp or whatever it is they cost.

They still interact with the miscibility rules.

Advantages: naturally scaling effect, because you can spend multiple HD to heal up lots, if that’s the amount of healing you need.

Disadvantages: You can heal to full from dead off of a 50gp item. What the heck does that mean in the fiction?

More thought needed.


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