Approaches for my upcoming Family Affairs FAE game

Firstly, every approach has the downside that it’s not the other approaches.

I’m going to use FAE2, so you’ll usually pick 2 approaches and roll them both.

Dedicated: you use focus, discipline, care or preparation. Good stuff: you get exactly what you wanted in spite of distractions. Bad stuff: you ignore irrelevant details, take a long time, are expensive.

Smart: you use mental acumen, reasoning, outside the box thinking, training. Good stuff: you harness training or situational details. Bad stuff: you’re mistaken, ill-informed, unable to put theory to practice.

Charming: you use style, a winning style, a way with words. Good stuff: onlookers view you the way you’d like, you leave an impression. Bad stuff: style over substance, misread the situation, intensely personal.

Violent: you use brute force or ruthlessness. Good stuff: aggressive, effective, immediate. Bad stuff: consequences, dangerous, often loud.

Agile: you use speed, athleticism, or acrobatics. Good stuff: get where you’re going, overcome obstacles. Bad stuff: it’s contextual, small-scale, indirect.

Sneaky: you use subtlety, misdirection and deceit, or betrayal. Good stuff: hard to see coming, hard to diagnose or even detect, clean get away. Bad stuff: requires setup, vulnerable to revelation, goes wrong catastrophically.

Tough: you use grit, patience, tenacity. Good stuff: absorb common countermeasures, requires overcoming directly. Bad stuff: reactive, punishing, slow.

Practical: you use know-how, training, common sense, experience. Good stuff: relatable, comforting, prepared, innocuous. Bad stuff: mundane, contextual, distracting, habitual, time-consuming.

Wealthy: special purpose for this game, pick a flavor, eg tradesman, noble, criminal; noble rank or mayoral/foreman lives here. Pick a specific aspect. But anyway: wealth, connections, social status, resources. Bad stuff: flashy, by nature traceable, bean-county.

Kinship: special purpose for this game, strength of bloodline and connection to The Clan. Pick a specific power (this will also count as an aspect, but just use your Concept), pay 1 refresh. Good stuff: magic superpowers! Bad stuff: opportunity cost, tiring, erratic, specific.


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