Giants and Elementals

My post on Aaqa and Imix notwithstanding, let’s talk giants and elementals.
In Cathule, the giants arose in pretty much the multitude of forms in which we now know them — Storm, Sea-cloud (as cloud giants but fishier), Stone, Fire, Frost and Thorn (as Hill Giant but covered in brambles, which they wear as shirts, and with a slight plant affinity).
The lesser giants — trolls, ettins, even the vorish ogres and ogre magi  — were elven experiments bred from this stock. Generally stone giants or thorn giants, eager for glory, though rare strands tracing lineage to fire, frost, thunder or lightning happen!

So we have one of the First Races — one of the more easily overlooked, based on how far they’ve fallen — with a strong elemental character. And we’ve got elementals, in the form of Efreeti and Djinni. Surely also we have a plane of (or set of four planes of) air, earth, water, etc?


Aaqa absorbed my need for air and, truth to tell, water. And even earth.
Imix my need for fire (north) and ice (south) and death.
Okay, my earth plane is weak (well, I could always cheat and use Cathule itself), but I’m not sure I need it. We can just say that elementals are the spirits of the Roads incarnate — usually a green road spirit when called up needs a frame; they’re subtle creatures made of the will-to-be and so don’t need much to turn that matter over there into a blob and start following orders.
So: you neither summon nor conjure elementals. Technically, you just evoke them, spinning power into a rough concept of “wanting to be”.

This means my elementals aren’t 100% extraplanar. But it also means I don’t need a place for them to just, like, hang out. They hang out in the animist backdrop behind the world: until conjured (… or whatever) they aren’t a thing. And then they are. And then they aren’t again.

It also means I need all sorts of other kinds of elementals; why not a sugar-candy elemental, a spice elemental, a pile-of-dead-wasps elemental, a hot fat elemental, a uranium elemental, a tesla coil elemental?
Short version: there totally are; they use the stats of solid/liquid/gas/energy elementals until I get off my duff and write them. Which is what the presented ones are.

There’s less here than I thought when I started writing: I don’t feel compelled to include The Plane Of Foo when my Paths structure gives me a cheap and easy way to include a Demiplane of Foo or even just The Chamber of Foo, and the contents of that room can just be a thing, not a member of the taxonomic class Elemental.

Many fey — looking at you, sprite — are the same. Will-to-be, making a little fairy body.


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