War of the Wolves spoilers: What’s encounterd in the Eldergrove

Thpoilerth. Go away.

The Eldergrove is an old-growth forest whose edges have been nibbled away by man.
To the southwest is Three Towers. To the northwest was Cealtry, now Plaguerid. To the east, the mountains of Ogre’s Grasp. North, the unnamed vale that leads into the Dragon Waste.

It is named that because large portions of it survived the Doom of Illyria; its trees date to that doom — too, its inhabitants.

Encounters: d8+d12 +1 per previous fairy encounter
2: Fairy: The grovekeeper: Dryad/druid 7. She has come since the death of these woods’ protecting unicorn Joyful Mane; she believes the Ienninny’s Greenboys have gone bacchanal and will fall in love with whoever can resolve this.
3: Ranger band: 1d6 human scouts +2 levels led by a scout +4 levels (“Cullen Sheckpur”, second ranger). They’re hunting gnoll and will trade common potions for 20 jawbones.
4: 2d6 elk. In summer they will rut, giving the male half of them +4 damage. In spring they foal, amd there are 1d6 more noncombatants with the group. In winter, just their tracks.
5: 3d6 hare. They flee in every direction. They gathered around a secret still, charcoalburner’s hut, etc; the players get to loot that now. In winter, just their tracks.
6: Fairy: 1 sylvan elven trader — going into town to buy supplies, happy to trade with whoever he encounters. 1d6 treasure type C, 1d6 treasure type B. Double-value for musical instruments, bows and rope. Has a potion of Shambling Mound and a pet blinkdog.
7: 1 black bear. In autumn, 1d6 black bears.
8: 1 giant owl. Eats gnomes. Otherwise quite pleasant; name of ‘Oover.
9: Fairy: Misled children: 4d6 commoner youth off to meet the lords and ladies of Illyria. Unfortunately, led by 1: three green hags 2: two annis hag 3: a night hag 4: a cult leader 5: 1d6 wererats 6: 1d6 werewolves.
10: Fairy: Poacher band: 1d6 human bandits, 1d6 human bandit lords, 1d6 dogs. This gives +2 fey encounters as their misdeeds stick to the party. They’ve bagged (1: a sprite 2: a white hart 3: a blink dog 4: a goblin biter 5: a honeybee the size of a dog 6: nothing yet), and want to get something worth selling.
11: Fairy: Goblin band. 1d6 goblins, 1d6 hobgoblins and 1d6 bugbears. They’ve bagged (1: a dire bear 2: a giant hedgehog 3: a dryad 4: a giant rabbit 5: a child 6: a priest).
12: Fairy: Bacchae. 1d6 +1 satyrs with pipes, 2d6 Greenboy scouts, 3d6 human commoners. Anyone who parties with them gets +2 fairy, they flip out on anyone else.
13: Fairy: Thornwitch circle (Pistrill, Delia, Petal, Rose, Lilly, etc). 1 night hag, 1d6 green hags, 1d6 scarecrows posing as rangers practicing. They want all humans out of the elderwood and will prefer to travel with the party and then betray them.
14: 1d6 ogres (Grundledim), looking for Illyrian magic portals. Believe people from Three Towers all have the plague wot can only be stopped wif a shovvel.
15: 3d6 gnomish commoners, passing through. They’re harmless, but paranoid; they’ll set traps.
16: Fairy: Elven bandits. 1-2 10x bandit Greenboys 3-4 5x Leafknight 5-6 3x Queensguard. In any case, accompanied by 1d6 elven mages.
17: Gnoll hunting band. 2d6 gnolls, 2d6 wolves, 1d6 dire wolves, 1 fang yeenoghu. They’re laying low, but a wolf’s gotta eat: they’re piling up a lot of food.
18: Fairy: 2d6 blink dogs. They’re friendly, love meat, and will travel with the party for one day.
19: Fairy: 2d6 Sprites. They’re drunkards, wine is the way to their hearts.
20: Fairy: Standing stones. A voice beckons from inside the circle if the party already has any Fairy, promising power and riches. It is 1d6 banshee, whose wail draw the listener into Illyria.
21: Fairy: The other stone. A monolith, moss covered. Any who read its carvings are exposed to a curse (50%) or geas (50%). Lycanthropy, kill the King of the Vor (there isn’t one), reincarnate the Witch-queen of Illyria, madness, etc. These curses cannot be avoided, but a given stone dispenses the ssme curses to all onlookers.
22: Fairy: 1 giant goat. Each time encountered, it is one of the twice as large brothers of the previous goat. Reasonably peaceful, and makes conversation so long as it gets to eat, as rust monster, 2 metal items (thrn 4, 8, 16, …)
23: 1 Treant (Woodsides). Wants a boll carved off his butt. However, gets PTSD around steel, which he doesn’t realize ’till the knives come out. Otherwise: nice guy.
24: Fairy: Open Thornwitch Rites. 1d6 night hags, 3d6 annis hag, 3d6 green hag, 5d6 scarecrow. They are summoning an Illyrian Lady to advise them.
25: Fairy: The Wild Hunt. An Illyrian Lord (arcanoloth) mounted on a nightmare (poison themed instead of fire), 3d6 huntsmen (guards with lances and longbows on hippogryphs), 1d6 blue dragon wyrmlings, 1d6 white dragon wyrmlings, 2d6 air elementals. Attacks to capture and bring back to fairy.


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