War of the Wolves spoilers: What’s that encountered beneath the cliffs of Ruegh?

I plan on actually using these encounter tables; my players stay out.

Skip over me! G’wan, git!

Quarry is a broken, hilly land looked over by the cliffs and, at their peaks, the twin fortresses of Rueogh.
Clifftop is frequently patrolled by bands of mercenaries from Three Towers, paid a bounty for Vor horns. They rarely find their foe; the stony soil doesn’t leave a lot of forage and the Vor up-top are quick to retreat.

D8+D12 + 1 per day spent traveling in Vor controlled territory (max 5)

2: Sister Abennity and 3d6 pilgrims. Abennity is a friend to all living things, and anyone who donates 100gp and travels in her company for a month receives a blessing. This party hopes to relocate the bones of Eru Patience, buried beneath eastern Rueogh Tor to Llunet. They’re trying to entreat guards on the road with no real success. She has a map.
3: Ser Elligore, a knight +20 hp, his advisor Reschluss Termingst, a mage, Kip, a scout, 4 guards +1 AC and 8 commoners (including Alyss Pruttings, his current squire). Ser Elligore hopes to avenge the death of his father by challenging Vor Khormag Mag Morkhag to single combat at the Vormoot. He knows how.
4: 2d6 wolves chasing a bloodied and maddened giant boar with a dead Vor in the saddle; in the bags of which are plans for an invasion of the west, money to bribe some of the wolf rear guard, and a map to a ruined tower.
5: A courier under a white flag. Negotiating for the release of captives at western Rueogh Tor, she is a noble on a fast horse with 3d6*100 gp in gems. 1-3 she serves Duke Gravesend, 3-5 she serves a mercenary captain from Three Towers (possibly wih dual loyalty), 6 she serves the Elf Duchess.
6: A group of 1d6+3 Vorish turncoats are here. They’ve stolen Three Towers tabards and their leaders speak common. Their leader has a map and a rumor.
7: 1d6 + 1 centaur invited by Rueogh as mercenaries. To be paid in copper, led by Duathecht. Not fighting ’till they’re paid, but they extend their employment offer to the party.
8: 1d6 bloodied tower guards, 10 (vorish) zombies and 3 bloodied- and maddened- mages. They were ambushed by a band of seeiming guards, and demand trivia of Three Towers to prove the party aren’t vorish spies. They’re badly lost.
9: 2d6 tower guards, 3 commoner camp followers, 3 nobles on horses. Morale is low, and they’re not having good hunting. They’ve heard a useful rumor, though.
10: 1d6 +3 giant constrictor snakes wait in a dusty pit here, issuing the sound of bubbling water. There’s a dead guard with them with no clothes.
11: 1d6 giant vultures attracted by all the death. They accumulate, wheeling above the party day and night; roll random encounters twice as frequently. Each night, 1d6 more vultures accumulate. They wait to attack until there are more than 10 of them, at which point they all attack.
12: 2d6 giant rock crabs. Doin’ giant rock crab things.
13: An abandoned battlefield: add 2 to days traveling in Vor controlled territory; roll next encounter now, those were the victors of the fight and will be the next encounter in this hex. If the victors were vor, there’s a journal in the wreckage with a rumor.
14: Vor Khormag Mag Morkhag, orcish knight +1 attack, AC, +10 damage; his warband of 2d6 orcish archers, 1d6 halberds, 1d6 axe & shield +10 hp. He rides a dire boar and seeks slaves for the copper mines beneath western Rueogh Tor.
15: 1d6 +1 ogres. They’ve recently been hired by the Vor and are heading to Rueogh for orders. Their leader (“Red-boot”) orders attacks on elves before all others and values ale.
16: Vorish hunting band: 1d6 vor with bows, 1d6 vor scouts, 1 giant riding boar 1-2 laden with supplies 3-5 maddened with hunger 6 laden with copper and gems.
17: 1d6 harpies, 1d6-1 charmed vor, 1d6-1 charmed guards. The harpies love musical instruments. The vor know a rumor, the guards can draw a map.
18: 2 trolls and 1d6 giant goats. The trolls are brothers Happy and Easy; they want pipeweed and a new pot, and take offense very easily
19: 1d6 giant boar, 3d6 normal boar. Immediately roll a second encounter: where there’s boar, there’s more.
20: 2d6 statues of vor in a semicircle, looking horrified, linking arms. Whatever petrified them is long gone. The second+ time this is encountered, it’s the same statues + 1d6 new ones (each time). If examined the second or later times, the statues come to life; as gargoyles (no horn or fly; haste on first round) whose bite is as per cockatrice.
21: 1d6+3 Ankheg from ambush, attracted by the excitement, looking for a meal.
22: 1 Bulette, from ambush. 2d6 vor attack 1 minute later: they track the Bulette via their leader’s dowsing stick.
23: a Vorish slaver band; 1 zombie knight, 1d6 zombie guards, 3d6 zombies, 2d6 vor with bows, 1d6 vor with greataxes, 1 vor gladiator (“Zugflug”), 3 vor priest (of Vorn). They’re heading to the eastern Tor to try to dig into the vault, but first had to seize the knight’s arms.
24: a Vorish warband preparing for the raid on the west: 12 vor archers, 8 vor halberdeers, 8 vor axe-and-shield (on giant boar), 5 skeletons, 3 ogres, 1 troll (“Charming”), led by 1 half-vor gladiator on a giant boar (“Cicator Becks”) and 1 vor necromancer-priest (“Dzhemokk”)
25: The Worm of the Wastes awakens: An Adult Blue Dragon (“Saumstell Aule”), her offspring (1 young copper, 4 wyrmling blue).

Rumors: 1d12
1: A great army of men passed east about six months ago — and the Vor just stayed away. Cowards! (T)
2: The witch of the Lonely Lake in the hills will pay in potions for zombies. (T)
3: There’s a Vormoot called at Rueogh Tor; declare “knight bluff for the month” and they hafta wrestle your champion, winner takes all. (F: they’re picky about pronunciation, it’s “nacht balooght… fuer der myoot!”, revealed when battle turns)
4: I saw a party of Vor with big man-sized dragon eggs heading down to the lake ruins. (T)
5: I saw a buncha slaves being pulled from the mines and sent into the east tower — they say the wizard there eats them. (T, though the wizard fungusses them)
6: There’s an old Vor cairn just below the west tower — I saw someone going out at night! (T, but doesn’t connect to the mine)
7: The copper mines drain out into Hamire, you can tell by the color of the dirt. (T)
8: There’s a ruined Thranish villa around the western lake, crawling with guards. They say it’s where they send all their women. (T, though it’s a convent: they’re priestesses of Vorn)
9: Saumstell Aule lairs in the central lake with her brood. (T, pretty much: bottom of the mine)
10: There trolls around here won’t attack anyone with a black cloak. (F: has to be a gold shirt)
11: They say if you see the same statue twice, kiss it. (F)
12: Gnomes attract bulette. Sad but true. (F)

Maps & Communique: 1d12
1: Of the edges of the western Rueogh desert, showing a Tower patrol route.
2: A prospectors map of the western edge of the Quarry hills, with 7 potential mines along the cliff, deeper and richer further east.
3: An architects sketch of the villa at the east end of the lake. A mercenary wizard annotated it with troop strength (12 priests, 6 high priests, 8 spined devils, 4 water elementals, 40 skeletons, 6 giant bats?!, 20 knights?!); it shows a way to sneak along most of the way through an ill-maintained ditch.
4: The way to a Vorish burial ground, southeast of the eastern tor.
5: A spring of water in the eastern wastes with a sinkhole — and the unfinished caves beneath. Warning: snakes.
6: A quickly-sketched map of the firing angles of eastern tor and the crevasse and its entrance. Shows plan of attack.
8: Vor-carved drinking horn showing a blue-bleeding lake; a great half-detailed cavern (accurate); a line of 10 vor walking with the third facing backwards, a swirl suggestive of water or wind over a recumbent man, and then a silver boss engraved “Ludtkenne”.
9: A map of the curtain wall and buildings of the western tor — with a half-built sapper’s tunnel from the west.
10: The way to a vorish burial mound southwest of the western tor. Also shows the interior: two floors, large central area with well, side rooms, one of which has a deeper secret passage.
11: A parchment map to the Shining Point, a slot of bright and pure gold set into the cliff face below the tor. It was scraped clean, but the shape of the second level can still be read.
12: A map of Three Towers, showing firing solutions, etc. Clearly intended for spring; shows sapping likely ineffective; shows troops intended from the northwest also.


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