Phase Structure

Problem: turns take a long time, people forget their turns, tracking “until your next turn” is informal, etc.
Solution: OD&D’s initiative, Doctor Who RPG’s initiative.

1) Determine surprise. Surprised characters skip their first turn.
2) Turn Order:
2.a) Untap, Upkeep, Draw: Everyone begins their turn.
2.b) Talkers go.
2.b.a) Check reaction/morale.
2.c) Interact with objects and the environment.
2.d) Shoot things, Dodge, or Dash.
2.e) Move.
2.f) Melee.
2.g) Spells.

Bonus actions can occur any phase at or after the character takes some other action (so a bonus spell can be cast during 2.g if the other spell is a cantrip, 2.f if an attack, 2.b if talk, etc).

Opportunity attacks for movement during 2.e can only be taken if the, uh, taker doesn’t move to follow or block.

Or something 🙂


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