5e SRD and the Missing Subclasses

The 5e SRD is here.

As per the basic rules, though, it’s missing a bunch of stuff from the PHB. I don’t begrudge them that, of course, I just note that the open playground is smaller than the full set. Which made me think about the choices that they made in designing 5e. There’s a certain point of view that claims “D&D is always right”, which is a fun design constraint that says you should add things, but that D&D didn’t get this popular for no reason at all.

I actually agree, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t poke the sleeping bear!

What would Star Wars be without Jedi? Brandon Sanderson has made an authorial career answering these questions; his novels are magic systems with personalities inserted at strategic intersections. How you structure the magic-using classes tells us an awful lot about the structure of your world and the interactions of the heroes with the Powers that Be. Because the Powers that Be in a fantasy world are its gods and demons, powers and laws of magic.

So let’s talk classes and subclasses for these magical types.

I’ll be publishing a series of posts examining the classes as presented in the 5e Player’s Handbook (and touching on previous editions when interesting), and then in which direction I would take the class to pad-out the missing content from the System Reference Document.



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