5e SRD: Cleric fallout

In the PHB-vs-SRD series; postgame analysis on this post.

Cripes that was a lot of typing! Game design is hard, y’all, and I’m still not sure I like it 🙂

The big thing I glossed over is “how are we gonna do domains now that we’ve decided clerics aren’t domain based”.

AFAICT, the domain names are SRD content, since they included the chapter on deities (and it’s slightly redacted, so it’s not like they didn’t look at it).

Which means we know that deities are associated with domains and the domains are named Nature, Trickery, Life, Death, Light, Knowledge, Tempest, War (taken from the celtics in order).

Let’s assume that deities with given domains are capable of bestowing blessings, and associate a blessing with each domain.

You can buy a blessing from a temple in a straightforward show of piety + cash expenditure — and to make life even easier, let’s assume that the Life ones are already done for us; they’re just the Potion of Healing.

We don’t actually know what the exchange rate should be, because unfortunately those tables didn’t make it into the SRD.

Still, we can figure it out:

Blessing of Life:
Common: touch action cures 2d4+2 hp
Uncommon: as above but 4d4+4
Rare: as above but 8d4+8
Very rare: as above but 10d4+20

Okay. One down.

Blessing of Trickery:
Common: You are heavily obscured when you are lightly obscured.
Uncommon: As above, and gain darkvision 60 (or increase range by 60).
Rare: As above, and ignore difficult terrain while in darkness or dim light.
Very rare: As above, and gain invisibility while lightly obscured.

Blessing of Nature:
: Beasts and plants within 30′ of you are charmed or feared, your choice; DC 13 negates (auto-failure for CR 0).
Uncommon: 60′, DC 13 (auto-failure for CR 1/8).
Rare: 120′, DC 15 (auto-failure for CR 1).
Very Rare: sight, DC 17 (auto-failure for CR 2).

Blessing of Death:
Common: Deal +1d8 necrotic or cold for one round once.
Uncommon: +2d8
Rare: +4d8
Very Rare: +8d8

Blessing of Light:
Common: Deal +1d8 radiant or fire for one round once.
Uncommon: +2d8
Rare: +4d8
Very Rare: +8d8

Blessing of Knowledge:
Common: For one hour, add 1d4 to all Intelligence checks.
Uncommon: As above, but 1d6.
Rare: As above, but 1d8.
Very Rare: As above, but 1d10.

Blessing of Tempest:
Common: For one hour, you may use shocking grasp; +5 to attack, advantage vs metal armor, 1d8 lightning damage and the target may not take reactions for one round.
Uncommon: As above, but 2d8 lightning damage and reach 10′.
Rare: As above, but +7 to attack and 3d8 lightning damage and reach 20′. While under this effect, resist lightning or thunder.
Very Rare: As above, but +9 to attack and 4d8 lightning damage and reach 60′. While under this effect, resist lightning and thunder.

Blessing of War:
Common: Your weapon, armor or shield are magically +1 for one hour.
Uncommon: As above, but they are all +1.
Rare: As above, +2.
Very Rare: As above, +3.


that wasn’t very speedy either. Design is hard, y’all.


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