The Witch Part 2

You know, another cut at this article.

Take you a druid. Strip it of shields and druid weapons (it gets medium armor and simple weapons). It doesn’t have the metal restriction (yet, though it may get it back in a second!).

So far, we’re not very warlocky. The warlock does two things, one of which I’m going to work harder to adopt than the other: the warlock has invocations, ongoing rules changes specific to themselves (but many of which just unlock additional spells: why not just cast the spell normally, given proper rules support?!), and the warlock has autorenewing spell slots, which are what we’re really here for.

So here’s what we’re going to do instead: Strip your druid of Wildshape, and gain Font of Nature: Once per short rest, you may cast a circle spell at one-half your character level (round down max 5) without expending a spell slot.

When you are 11th level, you gain a second use of Font of Nature per short rest.

When you are 20th level, you get Archwitch, and can regain Font of Nature with 1 minute’s rest, once per short rest.

So much for the class. On to the subclasses!

As we’ve mentioned, our subclasses are (currently) Druid, Cultist and Runecaster.
They’re selected at second level, and so get features at 2, 6, 10 and 14.

The Druid
You get proficiency in druid weapons (instead of the bonus cantrip).

You get the rest of the Circle of the Land features according to their usual schedule — extra prepared spells, natural passage, etc.

Instead of Natural Recovery, you get wildshape, and it operates on the normal schedule. To use Natural Recovery, you must expend Font of Nature.

I should go back and add druidic 1st level spells to all their lands (because they’re chosen at level 2 they don’t give 1st level bonus spells. Tacky!).

The Cultist
You are a witch who serves a dark power. Often you have a personal relationship with its heralds, and may even number amongst them.

For you, the druid spell list isn’t quite right. You may draw your spells from the warlock’s spell list instead.

Fiend Cultist:
1st: Burning Hands, Command
3rd: Scorching Ray, Suggestion
5th: Stinking Cloud, Fireball
7th: Fabricate, Fire Shield
9th: Cloudkill, Planar Binding

Fey Cultist:
1st: Charm Person, Silent Image
3rd: Misty Step, Invisibility
5th: Hypnotic Pattern, Major Image
7th: Confusion, Polymorph
9th: Dominate Person, Seeming

Undead Cultist:
1st: False Life, Fog Cloud
3rd: Blindness/Deafness, Darkvision
5th: Animate Dead, Vampiric Touch
7th: Blight, Death Ward
9th: Contagion, Raise Dead

At 2nd level, when you select this circle, you gain access to a familiar (fiend, fey or undead, plus the expanded options), per the Pact of the Chain. It also teaches you an additional cantrip.

At 6th level, you get the Dark One’s Blessing (when a creature is reduced to 0 hp within 10 feet, gain wisdom modifier + witch level hit points). Additionally, your cantrips deal +2 damage per die.

At 10th level, you get Dark One’s Resilience: you can choose a damage type during each short rest and gain resistance until you swap it; silver and magical weapons pierce this resistance.

At 16th level, you get Dark Summoning: at the end of a short rest, you may expend a spell slot to call upon a patron-creature of CR equal-to or less-than the expended slot. It serves for one hour, and then departs.

The Runecaster:
Not terrible from before. Let’s punch it up a bit. We’re back to the druid list for these guys.

First, the domain spells:
class level : spell list
1st : alarm, comprehend languages
3rd : augury, magic weapon
5th : dispel magicglyph of warding
7th : divination, stoneskin
9th : geas, legend lore

Bonus Proficiencies:
At 2nd level when you select this circle, you gain you proficiency with heavy armor and martial weapons.

Reckless Attack:
At 6th level, when you make a strength-based melee weapon attack for the first time on your turn, you may declare the attack “reckless”. You have advantage on it, and all attacks against you are made with advantage until the start of your next turn.

Storm mantle:
Starting at 10th level, at the end of each short rest you may choose one of fire, cold, lightning, or thunder. Your melee attacks deal an extra 1d8 damage of the chosen type, and when you take damage of the indicated type, you may use your reaction to give yourself resistance to it. This increases to 2d8 at 14th level.

If you select fire, you are comfortable in any mundane temperature up to actually on fire; if cold, anything down to -100 degrees Fahrenheit; lightning also renders you and your ranged attacks immunity to wind, and thunder gives you a carrying voice which cannot be silenced (including areas of magical silence).

Starting at 14th level, the symbol spell is a witch spell for you, you are always considered to have it prepared, and it has no material components. You also have advantage on checks and saves versus symbols and other spells based around the written word (glyph of warding, etc).

You may also craft magical items at double the normal speed.



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