On the Nations of my Campaign World

My campaign world stole a lot of its cultural names from Eberron, because I didn’t want to do the legwork and didn’t have a handle on the PHB equivalents when I started. If I could do it over, I’d pastiche Faerun instead, but… s’ok.

Here’s how the nouns relate.


The center of my campaign world is pretty-much-England Berlaine, on the continental shelf of its larger western neighbor Kytheros. Politically, it’s divided into 3 states:

  • The Kingdom of Berlaine. The strong southern and western coast, ruled by the Grand Duchess since the death of the last king in the Vor War (which claims as its title Berlaine, and nominally claims the whole landmass).
  • The secessionist Eastern Marches. A council of petty barons under constant sea raids from Lazhaar and giants, and the barons split away from Berlaine when the king died since they were not receiving their feudal dues. On the other hand, the kingdom of Berlaine blames the barons for the death of the king. So. They _also_ claim the title of Berlaine internally, which causes some confusion.
  • The Dunlaw. The bleak north: Held by the giants openly since olden days. Their “princes” often go a-roving south and found clanhalls in the south, and their vorish servants ever follow.
  • It once had an additional landmass and kingdom to its east, Fymory. Fymory was lost an age ago, but still, the Lost Lands of Fymory are a common refrain; it was ruled by a line of witch-queens.

To the east lies Labriluthal, a narrow vertical continent that is a chain of large islands along a continental shelf. They descend from the frozen ring of the northern ring, whose descending pendulum is the northern Iutenland, down to the frayed tail of the Milepessos, abutting the Fomorstorm and the tropics.

  • The Iutenland. Ruled by clans of Frost and Fire giants, inhabited by the slave races of Vor and Human, the Iutenlands northern expanses are unknown in the south. Much of it is mystery, since the giants have few diplomats. Their navy is strong but cannot be fielded except in winter.
  • Carapath: Pretty much Ravenloft, with much of its northwestern coast replaced with the pirate state of Lazhaar. Major states:
    • Darkon: The snowy steppes ruled by the undying edifice of Acererak.
    • The Houses of the Blooded: A weak union of singularly strong vampiric city states.
    • Lhazar: A former Thranish colony, now a pirate nation.
    • The Black Forest: An uninhabited expanse at the foot of the Balinok mountain range, said to conceal a path to the land of death.
  • Milepessos. A thousand small warm water islands, inhabited by the descendants of the God Kings of Khuf, joined by common culture. These spread over 2000 miles vertically and a third of that horizontally. The largest of the islands, however, is less than 100 miles across.
    • Lyrica: Castes decided by birth portents.
    • Abrile: Ruled by philosophers.
    • Ogion: Land of goat-herders and witches.
    • Pathar: Ruled by generals.
  • The Fomorstorm, the storm-portal which destroyed Illyria and ate the empire of Thrane-that-was. It’s vast, vaster even than Carapath.

To the west, the true-continent of Kytheros. It’s the largest above-water landmass, with its eastern face dominated by the Khali Idr: A vast and sandy desert dotted with ruins. The coasts and riverways are mediterranean, cosmopolitan and verdant, but leaving their lees leaves one in the deep desert. Kytheros is split between the crumbling empire of Thrane and the growing Kingdom of Hell. The seat of Thrane lies in Euternes, a blessed land girding the north edge of the Khali Idr. The City of Iron, Dissold, lies on the southern edge of the Khali Idr — it is said that from the Spike, one can see the Fomorstorm on the horizon. The separation of the desert keeps the two locked in a diplomatic war, mostly played out in the courts of other nations.

These 3 lands enclose the Sea of Storms, named for the roving storm over lost Illyria.



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