Seareach: The city guide

My players have stolen a pirate ship, and are making a play for a brits-versus-danes reconquista of the contested city, Seareach.

Seareach was a sea-elven colony on the southern edge of the Iutenlaw which fell in the summer of 1015 to King Nosnra. It had grown to a major prominence in Berlaine due to the presence of the Spiral Tower of Wizardry (elf: Rictirion; a scholar’s conclave notable for the mysterious figure Nüstag Nir) and the Storehouse (elf: Nómession Earaloë; a library and archive of things taken from Yaralay), the healers at the Feygarden (elf:Athaegardh, a grove of healing in the center of the city), and the Lomeander (elf:Lómëando, opera house and center of the weaver’s guild).

The political upheaval after the Vorish War 15 years ago led to the disbanding of the Melian Arvanaith, the human- and elven- ranger corps than had patrolled the Iutenlaw north of Seareach (based in the Nómemelladan). It also, perhaps more significantly, led to the shrinking of the guard at Point Titius, Badrion’s Wall and Giantwatch. It paradoxically led to an increase in the investment of the mercantile guilds; the new shipyard at Loess was about to launch its first fleet of ships, and the storehouses of Lombello, Upright and Croysters doubled in size in the relative peace and safety of the elves.

The city controls access to the inlet of the Dagger Sea, the rich pearl beds within, and the trade goods of the elves.



Seareach (in the year 1014)

Population: 22,000 people. By the census of the year 1000 its population was 10K humans,  8K elves, 3K gnomes, 1K vor and half-vor.

Government: Oligarchy. Nominally, the minority elves rule the city itself, and the human settlement that surrounds it has a feudal overseer and a governing board of merchants. Practically, decisions are made in Council, with four representatives for the Arvanaith, four representatives for Berlaine, and advisor for the gnomes.

  • Arvanaith
    • Prince (Mélamar Aril) Aramil Larethian
    • Loremaster (Istyar — effectively bursar) Miël Larethian
    • Master-singer (Lindyar  — effectively steward) Sirion Celon
    • Herurímyar (ranger-general) Soveliss Dureath
  • Berlaine
    • Lord Sidor Badrion
    • Trademistress Selah Lombello
    • Shipmaster Benji Loess
    • Trademistress Tracifer Croysters
  • Gnomes
    • Archmonitor Philamina Hoppingfrog

Defense: Multiple; about 350 elves, 400 humans, 1000 vorish mercenaries, and an additional 400 human militia.

Sidenote: I break the defense down into which statistics to use. These are creatures chosen from the srd ; I recommend also using the Foe Expansion dmsguild product since the SRD has a weird spread of CRs. I’ve linked the SRD “line” of troop types, but the actual fielded troops should target lower CRs for most units than the SRD includes.


The city is defended by several military installations. The Spiral Tower is the elven fortress at the old center of the city, while Point Titius was the human-created keep for their defensive and administrative center. The fortified northern gates of Badrion’s Wall represent another. The recent influx of mercenaries necessitated barracks and structures; the newly constructed Vorbish Quarter is a final military structure, hastily assembled.

Fun fact: The sindarin word for “home” is “bardh”.



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