More Alchemicals

5e has the following (SRD-ish) alchemicals, joining the poisons table to a few entries in the equipment chapter:

Item Type Price per Dose
Assassin’s blood Injury 150 gp
Burnt othur fumes Inhaled 500 gp
Crawler mucus Contact 200 gp
Drow poison Injury 200 gp
Essence of ether Inhaled 300 gp
Malice Inhaled 250 gp
Midnight tears Ingested 1,500 gp
Oil of taggit Contact 400 gp
Pale tincture Ingested 250 gp
Purple worm poison Injury 2,000 gp
Serpent venom Injury 200 gp
Torpor Ingested 600 gp
Truth serum Ingested 150 gp
Wyvern poison Injury 1,200 gp
Acid Splash 25 gp
Alchemist’s Fire Splash 50 gp
Antitoxin Ingested 50 gp
Holy water Splash 25 gp
Oil Splash 1 sp
Basic Poison Injury 100 gp
Potion of Healing Ingested 50 gp

Okay. There’s kind of a gap here, right? I’m not the only one who sees it?

We need more alchemical items. Cheap ones in the 25gp range and maybe a few costly ones in the 250 gp range. I kind of like “worth five times its weight in gold”.

The most obvious one is the potion of greater healing (the 4d4 + 4 one), which should be the next-tier-up uncommon pricing — let’s call it exactly 250 to set our expectations. At that same point, we could imagine a few rarer alchemical-ish potions:

  • Smokebomb (10gp): Thrown up to 20 feet, it heavily obscures a 10 foot cube for 1 round and then fades. A smokebomb has no effect if there is a strong wind.
  • Flashbang (10gp): Thrown up to 20 feet, all creatures within 10 feet must make DC 10 constitution saves against being blinded and DC 10 constitution saves against being deafened.
  • Belladonna (10gp): If consumed, DC 10 save or be poisoned for 1 hour; the victim may spend an action vomiting to repeat the save up to 3 times (after which it lasts the full duration). Shapechangers take 2d6 poison damage on their first failed save. Lycanthropes who have not yet seen a full moon who are reduced to 0hp while poisoned in this way are cured, even when restored back above 0 hp.
  • Smokestick (25gp): A sort of negative-torch, a smokestick burns for 10 minutes and heavily obscures a 10 foot cube while burning; it can be thrown up to 60 feet. A strong wind dispels the smoke in 1 round.
  • Rust Monster Saliva (25gp): Thrown per acid, with a hit imposing a -1 penalty to nonmagical ferric attacks, damage and AC (per rust monster touch; non-metallic arms and armor are immune, metallic objects destroyed at -5/armor AC 10/shield bonus +0 as appropriate). Ferric creatures or large objects take 2d6 acid damage on a hit (and a nice DM will impose the attack penalty also, but technically: no, since it’s not a nonmagical object).
  • Potion of Regeneration (50gp): For the next minute, the consumer gains 2 temporary hit points at the start of each of their turns.
  • Potion of Greater Healing (250 gp): Heal 4d4 + 4 hp.
  • Greater Potion of Regeneration (250 gp): For the next minute, the consumer gains 5 temporary hit points at the start of each of their turns.
  • Soonaroot Tincture (200 gp): Similar to a few of the 2nd level reparative spells, straight-up removes all of the following conditions from the drinker with a remaining duration of 1 minute or less: blinded, deafened, paralyzed, poisoned, charmed, frightened.
  • Bezoar (300 gp): Similar to protection from poison; the consumer has advantage on saves against poison and the poisoned condition, resistance to poison damage, and may make an additional save immediately (with advantage!) against each poison to which they are currently subject.

More to come.



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