5e Subclasses for Races

I’m a backer of the Dungeonesque project, because Alek convinced me its aesthetics were in the right place.

Its first playtest packet came out. It still strongly smells of SRD, but that’s as we expect.

It has subclasses (archetypes, domains, schools, whatever). But, since the SRD has only one each, IT has only one each.

I suggested perhaps it could add subclasses for the B/X associated class. That idea tickles me so much I’m going to take a shot at it.

To be clear, we’re working with:
Hill Dwarf: con +2 wis +1, +1hp/HD, Dwarven Resilience (adv&resist poison), Tool Proficiency (one of smith’s, brewer’s, mason’s), Stonecunning, Darkvision, Speed 25 even armored, Dwarven Combat Training axes and hammers.
It should be a fighter subclass.
This lacks its forebear’s bonuses against humanoids and giants, their resistance to spells, and maybe their “improved saves” more generally.

So! The Fighter[Dwarf] subclass:
3rd level: Stalwart: When you have to make a Strength or Dexterity-based save or check due to force movement, being knocked prone or grabbed, you may add twice your proficiency bonus.
7th level: Favored Enemy: Per Ranger; two races of humanoids or giants; adv on Survival to track, Intelligence to know, learn a language they speak. Deal 1d8 extra weapon damage to favored enemies.
10th level: Spell Resistance: 1/long rest succeed at a save versus a spell after seeing the result.
15th level: Improved Favored Enemy: Pick and additional favored enemy; increase the weapon damage to all to 2d8.
18th level: Improved Spell Resistance: 1/short rest succeed at a save versus a spell after seeing the result.

High Elf: dex +2 int +1, elf weapon training swords and bows, an extra wizard cantrip, an extra language, Darkvision, Keen Senses, Fey Ancestry (adv charm, imm sleep), Trance.
It should really be a fighter/wizard multiclass, but that’s not the structure we’ve got; instead let’s just call it a wizard subclass since that’s close enough.
This lacks its forebear’s explicit secret doors power, explicit paralyzation immunity, and improved hit points — and slower advancement, to be fair!

So! The wizard[elf] subclass:
2nd level: Elven Proficiencies: Gain proficiency in Light and Medium armors.
6th level: Elven Bonus Attack: On a turn where you cast a cantrip, you can make a single melee weapon attack as a bonus action.
10th level: Enduring Spell: When a creature rolls a save on its turn to end a spell it is subject to which consumes your concentration, you can use your reaction to give the creature disadvantage on its save.
14th level: Refulgent Spell: When you expend a slot of 1st through 5th level to cast a wizard spell, you may concentrate afterwards. If you succeed at doing so for 10 minutes, regain a spell slot of a level lower than the expended one.

Lightfoot Halfling: dex +2 cha +1, size small (disadv with heavy weapons), Naturally Stealthy (attempt to hide even when obscured only by a creature one size larger than you) speed 25, Lucky (reroll 1s on atks, chks, saves once), Brave (adv frightened), Nimbleness (move through space of creature 1 larger)
It should be a rogue subclass.
This lacks its forebear’s improved saves, missile weapon accuracy, dodge bonus from large creatures, initiative bonuses, outdoor concealment chances.

So! The rogue[halfling] subclass:
3rd: Halfling Knack: You can use your Cunning Action to: Throw a stone, dart or dagger without adding your ability mod to damage, Help an adjacent ally’s melee attack, or Help an adjacent ally’s AC.
9th: Halfling Stride: Per Ranger’s Land’s Stride, moving through nonmagical difficult terrain costs no extra movement, nonmagical plants don’t slow or hazard, and advantage on saves against plants that are magically created or manipulated to impede movement.
13th: Improved Bravery: Immunity to fear, and allies within 10′ have advantage on saves against fear.
17th: Halfling Home: Whenever you finish a long rest, you impose a “legendary creature” like regional effect on the area 1 mile around your bed-site lasting until the next time you long rest. You become aware of and may freely determine the information yielded by divination spells cast within or targeting the area. You are aware of the movement of policemen, soldiers, and other representatives of the law within the region unless they work alone.
17th: Halfling Holding: Every bag you own functions as a bag of holding for you.

So, the cleric still needs a little, and I could stand to write a few more for the included exotics (dragonborn, tieflings, …).

Still, this seems worth a shot.


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